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Become a Snuggler

We are looking for kind, caring, and understanding people to become snugglers. No experience is required, but a warm personality is. The job is primarily platonic cuddling and talking to clients. Employees are required to sign a contract agreeing to not have any sexual activity with clients (no kissing, no touching private areas).


  • Must be accepting of both male and female clients
  • Must be accepting of all races
  • Must be accepting of all ages of clients as most are over 50
  • Reliable
  • Positive personality
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Job Details:

  • $40/hr compensation during a session
  • You are also paid to travel $10/hr directly from the client
  • 5-15 hours per week with completely flexible hours based on when you are free to work (We have never had any requests for male snugglers unfortunately)


Our safety procedures are identical to massage therapy companies. All employees are expected to follow our safety guidelines. We have never had any issues with safety, nor has any other professional cuddling company.
  • You meet the client before at a public place and/or talk to them over the phone until you are comfortable with them. All new clients must sign a contract, which they give at the start of the appointment, which details our company rules. Only clients that comply with our rules are allowed service so you may refuse anyone that does not follow them.
  • You will give the company the client’s location before you leave to see them which is entered into a database or if you are hosting then your location is already on file.
  • Within 1 hour after an appointment ends, you perform a safety call. All clients are aware you will be making this call. If someone did not check in, the police would be called, but this has never had to have been done
  • You are free to carry mace, but no one has ever had to use mace/self defense before.
You have the option to have clients come to your residence, drive to a client's residence, or both.
Approximately 66% of clients want the employee to host so if it is at all possible even during select hours this will give much more work.


E-mail the hiring manager in your state (see below). Include in the e-mail:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Zip Code
  • 3-4 good quality photos that are accurate headshot style photos, which don't have your head cut off
  • 4-6 sentences about yourself. Write how you feel you are able to help someone and general hobbies/interests
  • Can you drive to clients?
  • Can clients come to your residence? (This gives a lot more hours)
If the state's link doesn't work, copy the e-mail address listed next to it.

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Hiring Manager

We are a hiring manager who possess a strong work ethic, a great personality, and a desire to grow within a unique company. This job will take about 5-15 hours a week with additional hours being possible and can be done completely from home. Compensation is performance based with multiple options that essentially translate to about $10-15/hr. Our ideal candidate is one who is comfortable speaking with a wide range of individuals, has a very friendly personality, and is a quick learner.

Job Tasks:

  • Maintain recruitment advertisements
  • Conduct interviews via telephone
  • Manage new employees


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Self-motivated and highly energetic
  • Cellphone
  • Desktop Computer or Laptop

*If you are interested in the position and meet the requirements, Include a cover letter and résumé. If the link doesn't work then just send an e-mail to

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